Your WordPress Site Must be Fast Loading

A practical and efficient business website is a crucial requirement in today’s marketplace. Your business honestly will not reach its full potential, and you will not achieve your profitability goals without one.

Websites are no longer just another marketing tool; they are a necessity if you want to succeed. It is because of this importance that you need to make sure the website developer you choose to work with is current on all of the options available to achieve the highest degree of performance possible.

The capabilities of your WordPress website developer are critical to whether your site is a success or a failure. A good developer can build a website that will achieve and often surpass your goals.

The importance of working with a talented website developer cannot be stated strongly enough, so I will give you some guidance on the areas you need to cover with your WordPress website developer to ensure your site achieves everything you need.

Website Loading Speed

The amount of time it takes your website to load when a visitor clicks on a link plays a crucial role in boosting your site’s traffic and revenue. Most of the time, just a fraction of a second makes the difference between gaining or losing a sale on the web. This is not an exaggeration; If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, you missed your visitor and most likely will not see them back.

Why is My Website’s Loading Speed Important?

The speed at which your website loads is one of the most critical aspects of a popular business website for several reasons, here are a few of them:

  • Roughly half of all consumers expect business websites to load within two seconds or less.
  • If a business website takes more than three seconds to load, roughly 40% of consumers will abandon that site.
  • A one-second delay can reduce your site’s conversion rate by as much as 7%.

If your website developer creates a slow loading site for you, you could be losing a significant amount of traffic to your site. Losing a substantial number of visitors to your website means your business is losing a considerable amount of potential profit. A slow-loading website is not only frustrating; it is incredibly costly.

Besides fast loading web pages being a factor Google considers when ranking a website on their search engine, they also keep your customers happy and choosing your business over your competitors’ sites.

There are a couple of things you should make sure your developer is doing to ensure your website is loading quickly for all visitors.

  • Make sure the developer you are working with is using the proper tools to gauge the loading speed of your website, such as GTmetrix.
  • Your developer should measure the website’s speed before redesigning it, so there will be a benchmark to work with and compare the new version of the site too.
  • The developer working on your site should be aware of your competition’s websites ranking for the keywords most relevant to your site.


The hosting your developer chooses is one of the most critical decisions to be made when creating an effective and efficient website for your business. There are hundreds of hosting services to choose from, most are great service providers, and some are not. The thing to keep in mind is, which will be the best for your needs.

One thing to keep in mind about hosting services is that one size does not fit all, which is why your developer will need to choose one that best suits your needs and requirements. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • A good website developer should be able to determine the best option for the design and functionality of your site as well as the anticipated traffic, including the times your traffic may spike dramatically due to individual campaigns.
  • Your hosting option should be in the best interest of your business and your website, not in the best interest of your developer. Some developers may want to choose a hosting service they are affiliated with, one they may receive compensation from for providing the service to more customers.
  • Choose a developer that is a specialist with WordPress hosting, such as WP Hosting. At WP Hosting, we have optimized our stack for performance, security, and scalability.
  • Your WordPress website developer should stay away from cheap hosting providers that will promote high performance at a low cost. These hosting services usually oversubscribe their servers, making their performance very poor.

Final Thoughts

As with anything else, people will be impressed are impressed with beautiful objects but give little consideration to their inner workings. For example, you may admire a stunning, well-performing vehicle; however, you will probably provide a little attention to how much time, effort, and the quality of the materials it took to create it.

Classic automobile manufacturers need to find the proper balance of craftsmanship and mechanics to produce a vehicle that performs in a way that will ensure their car will stand above the rest of the automakers competing to provide the best product in their industry.

Business websites need to be built with the same commitment to technical and aesthetic quality. Many businesses sacrifice page loading time for artistic design because they believe all their site’s bells and whistles will impress their visitors.

However, as the statistics I mentioned confirm, consumers are much more interested in doing business with a website that focuses more on not wasting their time and more on offering them a quality product or service. When companies finally realize the error of their ways, it is usually too late for them to recoup their losses.

You need to make sure the website developer you are working with, not only understands this fact but practices it regularly. Your developer must do all they can to ensure they apply the proper balance of technical and aesthetic quality when they are creating your website.

You need a developer who knows how to create a quality website, but you also need one that will listen to your needs and requirements and act on them professionally.

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